KMP Global offers a variety of compliance services such as:  on-site audit to review a company’s compliance programs, policies and procedures; on-site training tailored to client’s needs to include basic regulatory requirements as well as classification, technology transfer, defense services, and instruction on electronic licensing systems (DTRADE & SNAP-R); preparation of procedures and processes for export operations; creating DDTC agreements (TAA, MLA, WDA); crafting and submitting BIS licenses, and similar.

KMP Global also offers international sales and administration services such as:  global market analysis; development of market strategy and position; identifying and establishing distributors in new global markets; and similar.

KMP Global Consulting has the knowledge and experience to help your business be compliant and expand your international business.


EAR Classifications – The First Step, The Hardest Step


The first and most important step is classifying your products under the new ECCNs. You need to know your products’ export classification before you can start thinking about export licensing. But everything is so different, new and confusing. New controls, country charts, new exceptions, items that were EAR99 that might be controlled, lots of changes.

KMP Global has developed a classification tool that streamlines and simplifies the whole process!  With our extensive knowledge and experience in firearm, ammunition, and accessory export classifications, the KMP Global EAR Classification Tool will let you quickly and easily find the correct control for your product, and whether or not a license is needed or an exception can be used.  The KMP Global EAR Classification Tool includes classifications to subparagraphs, license determination, license exception applicability, and even Schedule B numbers.

Or if the needs of your company are specific, KMP Global can create a tailored export classification matrix specifically for your product line.


KMP Global EAR Classification Tool – The most important compliance tool your company will need.

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